Steelco BP 100 HE bedpan washers grant a perfect hygiene and protection for both for the patients and the nursing staff.

To eliminate the risk of accumulation of dirt and bacteria growth, the internal part of the washing chamber is manufactured with rounded corners, the interior side of the door with smooth edges.

BP 100 HE manual door opening and closing
BP 100 HSE automatic door opening, manual closing
BP 100 HAE automatic door opening and closing

On the automatic models, the door opening is foot operated. On these models, the door opening can optionally be controlled by an infra-red proximity switch, allowing item loading without any physical contact with the washer. Soiled goods are loaded at an ergonomic working height.

The washers are equipped with a multi-functional support capable of holding all the receptacles commonly used in hospitals and nursing houses. Different racks and holders are available for special needs.

Steelco can provide a complete range of accessories as counters with/without sink, emptiers and wall racks for bedpans and urine bottles.