Arvand Fan Pars

Arvand Fan Pars Company is a leader in the field of sterile equipment, designing and providing suitable solutions

for equipping and providing equipment the C.S.S.D department in medical centers.

Personal Protective Products

Using surgery gown in the operating room by surgeons is very important in terms of the presence of various contaminants in that environment. During long surgeries, doctors experience sweating and fatigue which is undeniable to have the right clothes.

Isolated Clothing is made by Tyvek®
Isolated Clothing garments provide an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort.

Wearing it could effectively block out dust, bacteria, droplets, and air pollution, and then offer oxygen for you to breathe comfortably, protecting your health.

Arvand Fan Pars Activities

Our reputation is built on giving after sale service in steam and plasma autoclaves and other CSSD related product as fast as possible with the maximum level of precision for more than 20 years in Iranian healthcare system. This give of us the honor to having 1st place of after sales service in the last 5 years.

Investing a lot on our R&D sector give us this opportunity to access to latest technology and information in our field.

Our team in R&D is working hard to provide new devices and methods in healthcare industry to help to achieve the highest degree of  infection protection by means of innovative methods.

Our calibration and Testing Laboratory was established in 2012 as the leading center performing Quality Control test and Calibration procedure for Dental and hospital autoclave.


We offer the optimal solution for equipping individual facilities with furniture, small equipment and accessories specifically designed to comply with standards and work practices found in modern CSSDs.

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