Highest flexibility is granted by the compact design, which assures low cycle costs by reduced consumption of water, chemicals and energy.

The integrated monitoring system assures a higher level of safety by checking flow and pressure of the instrument connection. Steelco EW 1 endoscope reprocessor is endowed with a stainless steel base for the storage of process chemicals. Free standing or table top – the EW 1 design provides an installation set for any facility.

Banner-product-EW-1-rackUsing the “rack” option, two or four EW 1 machines will be installed on the top of each other on a mobile shelf. This set up allows asynchronous reprocessing of 2 or 4 flexible endoscopes on a small footprint. Furthermore, available the pass-through version!

Process traceability made easy
Instrument and operator recognition can be faster through the bar-code reader option. Batch data information can be stored on a memory stick connected to the integrated USB interface.

Optimal performance with Steelco chemicals
By using Steelco process chemicals the EW 1 automatic endoscope reprocessor reaches the highest efficiency results proven by microbiological tests together with complete documentation and instruments maximum safety conditions.