This Ultrasonic Cleaning System combines a stainless steel cleaning tank with industrial style transducers and a powerful ultrasonic generator to provide the strongest tabletop cleaning available. It gives the speed and effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning power with the convenience of plug-in-anywhere operation.

A DIN tray basket support and cover are included in the base unit. It meets CSA and UL requirements.

The large capacity of this model assures consistently tested and efficient washing performances reaching, at the same time, increasing reprocessing needs.

Critical process parameters such as temperature, ultrasonic power and time are monitored granting the compliance to the international standards and can be recorded.

Steelco US 1000 is connected to an automatic loading/unloading system of racks coming from a pre-wash machine and with destination to an ATS (automatic transfer system). US 900 model is single door version.

It is equipped with an automatic cart elevator with a capacity of up to 18 DIN 1/1 net baskets.

Integrated system for automatic chamber disinfection available in two versions:

Chemical disinfection independent circuit for the chamber rinsing through an upper rotating arm connected to a disinfectant dispenser.
Steam disinfection with steam at 90°C / 194°F for 60 seconds checked by an independent temperature probe control.