High storage capacity
up to 9 or 18 endoscopes
fully extractable vertical drawers with fast connections
Single door and pass-through versions
suitable for barrier application
Event tracking and traceability
visual color coded drying and storage status
After being reprocessed into a AER, the endoscopes are ready to be used or stored in a drying cabinet which protects them from recontamination. Warm sterile air is blown through each internal channel and over all surfaces, to rapidly dry both the inside and outside of the flexible endoscopes.

Steelco ED drying cabinets can be fitted with a bar code reader and printer for logging scopes in and out ensuring full tracking and traceability of the scopes.

Dimensions WxDxH:
962mm x 785mm x 2270mm (single door version)
37.87″ x 30.90″ x 89.37″ (single door version)

962mm x 835mm x 2270mm (double door version)
37.87″ x 32.87″ x 89.37″ (double door version)